Build Your Own Chicken Coop With Free Building Plans

Posted on March 27, 2017


Growing up in a big city like New York, I didn’t see a live chicken until I went to visit my grandmother in Bangladesh. She had such an amazing connection with animals that they just naturally gravitated to her. On her daily early morning walk, she always had a line of chickens and chicks trailing behind her. I will never forget how delicious the eggs she cooked for us tasted. So when I realized how popular raising chickens in your own backyard was becoming even in urban cities, I got excited.

Chickens in a chicken coop.

Doesn’t everyone want to enjoy wholesome nutritious eggs straight from their own backyard? We knew we were on to something, so we hatched a plan (no pun intended – ok yes it was) to share free building plans with you for a DIY chicken coop.

A while back, we shared a sneak peek at Steve Ziagos building a DIY chicken coop using Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and fasteners here.

Steve Ziagos working on the Simpson Strong-Tie chicken coop.

Steve Ziagos working on the Simpson Strong-Tie chicken coop.

Steve began to build the coop after his 8-hour workday about 2 years ago. A lot has happened between then and now: his wife went through a whole pregnancy and delivered a baby. Which makes Steve a new dad! When he finally came back from paternity leave (okay, it was really only a few weeks) he continued to build the hen house, making sure to include a spacious run for the chickens to scratch as well as a nesting area with nesting boxes.

Hen house built using Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and fasteners.

The Simpson Strong-Tie hen house.

After such a long wait, I’m sure you’re ready to raise your own chickens and have fresh eggs every morning! You can build this spacious chicken coop using the free DIY build plans here.

Unfortunately, Simpson Strong-Tie did not include the resources to purchase and raise a generation (or six) of chickens in the development plan of this coop. So we raffled it off to one lucky employee at our holiday luncheon instead. Fortunately, the winner recently bought a new home and she is planning to make the coop the centerpiece of her new urban farm backyard. Here is a picture of the DIY chicken coop with some modifications she made with her husband below.

Simpson Strong-Tie Chicken Coop with modifications.

Simpson Strong-Tie Chicken Coop with modifications.

She has six baby chicks that will eventually call this coop home. We will share a blog post update on how the chickens like their home. In the meantime, I can only hope (and drop many hints) that she brings in some fresh eggs to share with us when the chicks get bigger.