Customized Wood Planter Box

Posted on May 4, 2015


Editor’s note: This post is part of an occasional series featuring guest bloggers. Today’s post is by Brandi who writes the Do Not Disturb This Grove blog. She is a wife and mother of two who enjoys the challenge of creating DIY projects to decorate her home on a budget. For this post, she built a wood planter box using our Workbench or Shelving Hardware Kit.


We have a wonderful farmer’s market in the area that sells a diverse variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. As much as I enjoy supporting local farmers, I’ve always wanted to try growing my own produce. But as a beginner, it seems so overwhelming. What to plant? Will it grow from a seed? And we have dogs, so we need to create a separate space for our garden.

To make gardening easier, we decided to plant our vegetables in a raised planter box. We learned how by watching a Simpson Strong-Tie DIY video on DIY Done Right. The video was extremely helpful and offered great tips. We downloaded the plans from for the wood planter box. The step-by-step instructions were easy to follow.


My friend just fenced in her yard. To keep the cost low, she was kind enough to give me her leftover boards. My boards were narrower than the ones called for in the project sheet so I used two on the sides, which meant covering the bottom connectors.


Be sure to drill drainage holes. We almost forgot that step!


The Simpson Strong-Tie Rigid Tie® RTC2Z Connectors give the planter box a nice, clean, finished look. The connectors join the wood together creating a 90-degree angle. If your planter box is going to be exposed to weather, Simpson Strong-Tie advises using outdoor-rated screws, like the Strong-Drive® SD Connector screw, to minimize corrosion.


The last step was to create a custom look with stain. To keep the planter box food safe, I only stained the exterior side of the box.


I had fun selecting plants. I chose a nice variety — tomatoes, oregano, strawberries…just to name a few. I’m hopeful this spring and summer we’ll have lots of sunshine and rain to keep my garden growing.

DIY Done Right and the RTC2Z connectors make it easy to build your own customized planter box. Now that spring is here, it’s time to get that vegetable garden started!

Do you have plans to build a customized wood planter box? Tell us about it in the comments below.



  • Stacey Ann Blake

    Love how it turned out Brandi! Last year, I turned a crate into a vegetable planter for the boys. Great job!

  • Your handcrafted planter box is a nice addition to your deck! You did a wonderful job and your vegetables will surely thrive!

  • Trish

    Your planter is so cute. I hope you keep us informed of how well your little garden turns out. I have a brown thumb…so I gave up gardening long time ago. I hope yours turn out well.

  • Love it Brandi! I have been wanting to try my own garden as well but am a little overwhelmed by it to be honest. I do have a couple of herbs planted in a flower pot in my backyard…baby steps 😉

  • DennaJones

    Love this and want to build one but the Rigid Tie connectors aren’t available in the UK. Shame. Very smart build system. Nice job.

  • Hi, Denna! We have products and project plans for the UK at Hope this helps!

  • DennaJones

    Wow – great! I searched online for a UK seller but didn’t find you, so thanks for pointing out where to go. I’ll be building a box as soon as I buy your clips – excited!