DIY Over-Car Garage Shelving

Posted on January 5, 2015


With the holidays over, now is the time many people – myself included — get a fresh start on the New Year by getting organized. In my home, I use the start of the year as a reason to reorganize my closets and cabinets. It is a great way to get a head start on spring cleaning later in the year. I start by tackling the places that tend to get cluttered and disorganized.

The garage is definitely one of those spots. The garage can become a catch all and stuffed with so many things that you may not be able to even fit your car in there! One way to regain that precious storage space back is to create more storage. For larger areas such as a garage, you can create extra storage space with shelving.

Shelves in Garage

Are you worried that your garage is too small for a custom shelving unit? Building your own shelving allows you to customize the unit to your space’s unique dimensions. One way to maximize unused space is with a DIY over-car garage shelving unit. This unit gives you extra storage by allowing you to use the space above your car’s hood.

Our DIY over-car garage shelving project uses 2×4 lumber and Simpson Strong-Tie® RTC2Z Rigid Tie® connectors with a few screws. You can buy the RTC2Z connectors here and a box of #9×1 1/2″ Strong-Drive® SD Connector screws here.

If you are new to DIY projects, here’s a helpful tip: most home centers will do courtesy cuts for you so you don’t have to cut the wood yourself. Once your wood is cut, all you need to complete the project is a screw gun, tape measure, clamps and a framing square. With this project, you will be organized in no time.

What DIY projects are you planning to do for the New Year? Let us know in the comments below.