Sneak Peek: A DIY Chicken Coop

Posted on August 17, 2015


Raising chickens is not a new thing, but it seems like more people than ever are joining this trend to enjoy fresh-from-the-backyard eggs. A few of my neighbors are raising chickens – or so they thought. One made the mistake of picking a chick that matured into a rooster. Let’s just say that some of our neighbors were not happy!

With all this renewed interest in chickens, of course there is a new demand for chicken coops. We think it’s a great DIY project and are now designing and building one. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at our DIY blogger Steve Ziagos building a chicken coop he designed.

Chicken Coop construction

Steve attaches part of the frame with our A21 angles and Strong-Drive® SD Structural-Connector screws.

We will be sharing the plans for this DIY chicken coop soon. As you think about building your own chicken coop, here are some factors we’ve learned need to be considered:

How much space do your chickens need?

According to Snug, chickens need about 3-5 square feet each. So if you have three chickens, you will want to build a chicken coop that has at a minimum 9-15 square feet.

Does your design include airflow?

Do you want to build a coop with wire or solid sides? Either way, you need to build a chicken coop that maximizes airflow. This helps prevent mold from growing, stop odors from the building up and also keep your chickens from catching diseases.

Does your design include roosts and nesting boxes?

Roosts are a place that your chickens can stay for the night. Keep in mind that chickens poop in their sleep, so place the roosts where you expect the most droppings to be (perhaps away from the nesting boxes). Speaking of nesting boxes, this is where chickens go to lay their eggs so place them in a place that is easily accessible to the chickens and you.

Is your design predator proof?

Your DIY chicken coop should be safe from predators like hawks and fox. This includes making sure chicken feed is not easily accessible to rodents.

Are you planning to build a chicken coop? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Bob Kennedy

    Looking forward to seeing this progress as I am also going to build a coop.

  • Bob Kennedy

    Steve, do you intend to allow people to copy what you are doing and provide a strong tie parts list as well as a material list?? Thanks!