Stronger Platforms Make for Longer Zips

Posted on September 19, 2017


Last month, my daughter had a soccer tournament in another Bay Area town, and in between games we had enough time to visit a dear friend of mine who lived in the area. As our kids played outside, she and I chatted inside and caught up on the past few years. As I took a sip of my tea, I heard this crazy swooshing sound coming from the backyard. I could hear the kids laughing and screaming, and my friend said excitedly, “Oh, the kids are on the zip line!” I quickly put down my tea and ran outside to watch the show.

In between the succession of zip-liners coming towards me, I eventually made my way up the curved path to the “staging” platform, and, as any good Simpson Strong-Tie employee would do, I looked underneath to see what connectors were used to join the 2x4s together. To my excitement, they’d used Simpson Strong-Tie! (Connectors used: LUS24.)

The kids spent the next hour or so taking turns zipping down the path between the redwoods, palm trees, and the cute Turtle City enclosure that my friend also made for their rescued turtles. I never did make it back into the house to finish my tea — by the time the kids were done on the zip line, it was time to head back to the soccer tournament. It’s been several weeks since we visited my friend, but my daughter has not stopped asking when we are heading back to their house for more zips!

For those of you lucky enough to have some solid trees and a long backyard, I highly recommend building a zip line platform. It will reward you with hours of fun and laughter – for the whole family.

Get building!