A35/A34 Framing Angles



A34 installation

A35 installation

Versatile connectors for various 90° connections and home repair projects. Stronger than angled nailing or screw fastening alone.

  • Help ensure joints are consistently straight and strong
  • The A35’s exclusive bend slot allows accurate bends to attach wood in a variety of configurations
  • Available with standard galvanization or ZMAX® galvanization which offers extra corrosion resistance for outdoor or treated-wood
  • For maximum corrosion resistance use stainless steel
  • A35/A35Z/A35SS: Install with (12) 8d x 1½" HDG nails or #9 x 1½" Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive® SD structural-connector screws; some connections require 9 fasteners
  • A34/A34Z/A34SS: Install with (8) 10d HDG common nails or #9 x 1½" Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive SD structural-connector screws

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  • jeremy

    I believe the A34 uses #8 screws, if I understand the website specs correctly.

    However it does not specify how many screws you need on the bracket, do I need to install all 8 screws to meet the required load specs or is there 8 options, and what is the minimun number of screws?

  • Nicholas

    In the load table in the link below this article it specifies the fasteners. A34 use 8-8dx1-1/2. The first 8 means you need 8 fasteners, 4 on each face. 8d is a nail size, which is usually 2.5″ long, but the 1-1/2 means you only need 1.5″ long 8d nails.