L/LS Angles



LS70 installation

L50 installation

Used to reinforce 90° connections, the staggered fastener pattern reduces the chances of wood splitting. Stronger than angled nailing or screw fastening. Ideal for miscellaneous building and repair projects.

  • Help ensure joints are consistently straight and strong
  • L Angles: Fixed 90° connections
  • LS Angles: Cut-outs along the bend line make bending easier (May be bent from 0° to 135°)
  • Available with standard galvanization or ZMAX® galvanization which offers extra corrosion resistance for outdoor or treated-wood
  • For maximum corrosion resistance use stainless steel
  • Install with 10d common nails or #9 x 1½" Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive® SD structural-connector screws

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