ML Angles


ML26 installation
(ML24 similar)

Provide a 90° connection for medium/heavy duty applications. Stronger than angled nailing or screw fastening.

  • Help ensure joints are consistently straight and strong
  • Fastener holes are staggered to minimize wood splitting
  • May be used back-to-back without fastener interference
  • Features ZMAX® galvanization which offers extra corrosion resistance for outdoor or treated-wood applications.
  • For maximum corrosion resistance use stainless steel
  • Install with ¼" x 1½" Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive® SDS wood screws for a quick, secure installation

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  • Andy R.

    I was thinking of using an ML26 angle to secure a floor joist to a main beam in my basement. One side of the joist is inaccessible due to a chimney obstructing access to one side of joist. The main beam runs across the center of the house with the joists mortised into the beam on one end and sitting on top of a brick & granite foundation on the other end of the joist. It would be similar to the drawing shown where the angle iron is applied to only one face of the joist. The main beam continues on past where the joist is mortised in.

    Is this an intended application for this product, and would the load tables apply to this situation, assuming I use the Strong-Drive fasteners?

    Thank you

  • Hi Andy,
    Thanks for reaching out to us. since we do not know what sort of demand loads are at work here, it is difficult to say whether the ML26Z would be adequate to take said demands. What we do know is that the down load gets around 1000 lb allowable, and that it was tested.

    This application could work if you have light loads, but since we don’t know your load, it is best to consult an engineer.