HUC Joist Heavy Duty Hangers


HUC410 installed on masonry block end wall

Provides a heavy-duty connection between joist and header. The concealed-flange design provides cleaner lines for visible applications such as second-story decks and patio covers.

  • Install wood joists to wood, masonry and concrete
  • Made from 14-gauge steel for strength
  • Features ZMAX® galvanization which offers extra corrosion resistance for outdoor or treated-wood applications.
  • For maximum corrosion resistance use stainless steel

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  • robert

    I need 3 inch wide joist hangers like the HUC410. Do these come in this width?

  • Hi Robert. Thank you for contacting us. We actually make this in the 3X size (2.5 inch) or you can special order this part in a true 3 inch from any Simpson Strong-Tie retailer.

  • I’d like to use these to build a warehouse mezzanine. Do you provide sample plans showing what products are used where?

  • Other than the DIY projects, we do not have sample plans. It would be up to the Designer/Engineer of Record to specify the appropriate connectors based on framing layout, demand loads, local building codes, etc.

  • Prakash

    can i use this to post to beam

  • Thank you for your inquiry. The HUC hanger can be used to carry a beam off the face of a post (see illustrations on our HUCQ product page: