LSU/LSSU Skewable and Slopeable Joist Hangers


(LSSU210-2 similar)

These joist hangers connect a joist or rafter to the header, sloped up or down, and skewed right or left, up to 45°. These adjustments can be made in the field.

  • Install with 10d or 16d and 10d x 1 ½" nails
  • Available with standard galvanization or ZMAX® galvanization which offers extra corrosion resistance for outdoor or treated-wood

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  • Gerry M

    Is there any Strong-Tie standard for bending the LSU26 so that the side “wings” bend forward (out of paper to right)? Is there a standard procedure? What should be used for bending (tools)?

  • Simpson Strong-Tie

    Bending of the LSU side wings or “A” flange can be done by bending forward or backward depending on your required installation. The question is regarding bending the flanges forward, which
    implies a corner installation. The information for corner installations and load capacities are given in the engineering letter:

    For installation use common tools such as a vice grip to secure the flange and bend the part to the required angle. When bending the LSU flanges, they must not be bent more than one time. See General Instructions for the Installer for more information: