LUS Joist


Typical LUS28 installation

Double shear nailing top view

Double shear nailing side view

Provides a connection between a joist and header. Patented double-shear nailing design provides greater strength with fewer nails.

  • Installs with common nails (no shorter joist nails to buy)
  • Angled joist nailing easier in tight spaces
  • Available with standard galvanization or ZMAX® galvanization which offers extra corrosion resistance for outdoor or treated-wood
  • For maximum corrosion resistance use stainless steel

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  • Andrew

    Is there a hanger that would allow me to have a 3-ply 2×10 beam that butts into the end/side of a perpendicular beam?

  • While it is not entirely clear what is meant by “end/side of a perpendicular beam,” a hanger with a concealed flange can be installed on the face of the carrying beam, but at the end as per the drawing below. (The HUC210-3 or HUCQ210-3 may be an option depending on size of header, wood species, demand load, local building codes, etc.; it would be up to the Designer/Engineer of Record to specify):

    If you actually mean the carried beam will be hanging perpendicularly off the end of the beam/against the end grain, we do not have a hanger for that condition.