HDU Holdowns


Vertical HDU installation

Horizontal HDU offset installation

HDU tie between floors

Pre-deflected during the manufacturing process, virtually eliminating deflection under load due to material stretch

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  • Bryan

    Our structural engineer has us using HDU4 to tie posts between floors as in the picture here. I need to know if the bolt gets drilled through the floor joist? Or does the bolt just go next to the floor joist, while the posts sit directly above and below the joist?

  • Hi Bryan:
    We have consulted with our Engineering Department and one of our structural engineers said that it depends on the case that you have. Here are three different cases and recommendations:

    1) For the case then you only have joists running in one direction, there will be no perpendicular joist, and one can simply drill through the subfloor and top plates below to attain the connection between the two holdowns.

    2) For the case when there is a solid shear wall in that location, it would be ok to drill through the blocking that would be part of the shear wall to attain the connection between the two holdowns.

    3) For the case where a thin joist is in the plane where the bolt needs to go, in most cases the bolt can be adjusted or just fitted to run right along the face of that joist so that no drilling would be required.

    Lastly, it is not recommended to drill through a 1 ½” wide (i.e., 2x) member in this case as there will no longer be any structural integrity left of that joist.