RTC2Z Rigid Tie® Connector



The new RTC2Z Rigid Tie® corner connector connects a 2x2, 2x3 or 2x4 vertical member to two 2x3 or greater horizontal members, forming a 90° corner. This latest version requires 40% fewer fasteners (can be installed with nails or screws), than the RTC24, which saves both time and money. For reduced reveal in dry, interior and non-corrosive environments, use Simpson Strong-Tie SD #8x1 1/4 wafer-head screws. Since the RTC2Z is ZMAX® coated, the connector can be used in most exterior conditions when installed with Strong-Drive® SD structural-connector screws. The SD structural-connector screws also yield higher allowable loads.

  • Quickly and accurately align framing members
  • Facilitate a multitude of do-it-yourself projects (visit www.diydoneright.com for more information)
  • ZMAX coating for extra corrosion resistance

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