WBSK Workbench and Shelving Hardware Kit

WBSK Workbench Kit

WBSK Workbench

The new WBSK Workbench and Shelving Unit Hardware Kit provides all the necessary hardware, fasteners and plans to build a workbench or shelving unit. The kit features the Simpson Strong-Tie Rigid Tie® RTC2Z corner connector that makes it easier to make strong and durable corner connections with 2x4 lumber using no angle cuts or bolts. Each kit contains enough RTC2Z connectors to construct one workbench. Two kits are necessary to build a four shelf unit. With the WBSK kit, a professional quality project can be achieved in a couple of hours. When lumber is added, the Workbench or Shelving Unit Hardware Kit has everything the DIYer needs to customize and complete the project they need to fit their space.

Each kit includes:

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  • meandaddy

    I built one of these about 15 years ago and it has served me well. Been thru 2 moves and now I plan on adding to my work are with shelving and work table. Great ideas and they are so adaptable to fit your work area.

  • Minara El-Rahman

    That is great! Can you email us a picture at dreamitbuildit@strongtie.com?