“T” Straps

Typical T installation
(A33 similar)

Reinforcement straps for a strong connection where one member intersects another at 90°.

  • Made from 14-gauge or heavy-duty 7-gauge steel for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Strongest when used in pairs
  • Available with standard galvanization or ZMAX® galvanization (on 7 ga. Models) which offers extra corrosion resistance for outdoor or treated-wood applications.
  • Install with common nails or bolts

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  • Greg

    Can I use 7 gauge t straps with lag screws to join two 6×10 headers over a center 6×6 post? I want to avoid hip bracing on my pergola.

  • Hello,
    Straps and lag screws are not a suitable replacement for hip bracing. Hip bracing is used to stabilize the posts from overturning. Straps would keep the headers from moving apart and could also transfer lateral load between two headers. It will not help stabilize the entire structure against the posts overturning. You need a third point of connection to resist rotation. You could embed the posts for a moment resisting connection at the base, but the posts might rot out eventually. There are other alternatives, but hip bracing is probably the easiest and best solution.

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