Patio Cover

Project Added: October 10, 2012

A Complete connector system for patio cover construction.

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  • Shawn George

    I am trying to figure out the best post connection to use for installing 2 @ 10′ tall 6×6 post for use with a sun sail shade. I am not sure what product will be best. Both post will ONLY be supported at the bottom; no additional support would be provided. The sail itself is not heavy, but there will be tention due to streching the fabric. the other end will be attached to a building. Any ideas what I should use?

  • Scott Powell

    You’re gonna have to bury the bottom of those posts at least 3-4 feet…and at least a foot of that below the “frost line” in your area…with a concrete footing. Otherwise the lateral force on the posts will pull them crooked over time.