Heavy-Duty Workbench

Project Added: October 9, 2012

  • Heavy-Duty Workbench
  • Heavy-Duty Workbench
  • Heavy-Duty Workbench
  • Heavy-Duty Workbench
  • Heavy-Duty Workbench

Building this 4-foot-wide workbench is fast and easy with 2x4 lumber and Simpson Strong-Tie Rigid Tie® RTC2Z connectors. Create a sturdy workbench to act as a storage center and workstation. It's ideal for the garage or basement and can be built in different lengths to accomodate your needs.


  • Saw
  • Screw gun
  • #2 Phillips head bit
  • Tape measure
  • Clamps
  • Framing square



  • JR

    Great DIY, using these plans to build my workbench. A bit bigger including using a solid core door for my table top.

  • Adam

    In the second mockup picture, what kind of connector is used to mount the miter saw table between the two workbenches?

  • Adam

    Awesome! thank you!

  • Of course. Any time!

  • Mark Kozina

    Last one I built had a shelf attached above pegboard. Left it.in a rental house and will be building another.

  • Jake

    Do you have any plans or materials for a drawer under the bench?

  • Hi Jake:
    Unfortunately, we don’t. But here is a link that could help: http://www.familyhandyman.com/workshop/workbench/diy-workbench-upgrades/view-all

  • Russell Schaller

    Could I use this kit to build a 8′ workbench? If not is there a bracket which could be utilized to add a third 2×4 upright in the middle of the bench?