Organize Your Outdoors

From lawn mowers and fire logs to gardening supplies and homes for our furry or feathery friends – backyards can get cluttered. Simpson Strong-Tie Rigid Tie® connectors make it easy for to you to get all your outdoor goods out of sight, out of mind. Here’s some simple project ideas that all:

  • Can be completed, from start to finish, in just one day
  • Cost less than buying new
  • Keep things safe and organized, tucked away from weather and little ones

Build Anything. Your Way. Done Right.

Log Holder

Invest a couple of hours and you’ll never have to re-stack firewood again.

Outdoor Storage Center

Get some tools out of your garage and store them safe and dry on the side of your house.

Pet Home

Whether they have fur, feathers or scales, the smallest members of your family can rest comfortably in this rocksolid pet enclosure.